Devious D – Hard Leaders III-Enter The Darkside [1993]


Side A

Tango and Ratty-Final Conflict (Remix)
DJ Hype-Weird Energy (Hells Bells Mix)
Acen-Window In The Sky (Kingdom Of Light)
Bay B Kane-Hello Darkness (Remix)
Rhythm For Reasons-Music In Search Of Light
Andy C-Something New Part 2
DJ Distroi and Boykz-Darkside
DJ Solo-Darkage
Q Bass-Funky Hardcore (DJ Hype Remix)
J Jay and Devious D-Sensational Junglist
Omni Trio-Mainline (Techno Mix)

Side B

The Untouchables-Don’t Be Afraid (Roachman Mix)
JBL and Bigga-Headcharger
Studio 2-Ragga Logic
Eze G-Yeah
Bass Ballistics-Dark In The Jungle
– Edited from TL –
DJ Lee-A Touch Of Darkness
Citadel Of Kaos-Urbanity
– Edited from TL –
Jungle Pirate-Drug Me
DJ Vibes and Wishdokta-Obsession

Shout to Nebkins & Thumbzo

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