‘Hardcore – U Know The Score’ website was created on the 30th May 1999 domain was adopted on the 29th April 2002


All mixes featured here are 15 years old or older, no tracks in the mixes are in their entirety & most have been recorded from cassette tape to mp3. If you are a artist or label & some of your work is featured here & you would like the mix removed (or edited) then please send a email as below:


Or leave a message below (Public) :

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi I love your site and am having trouble getting to the next page on the 1992 studio mixes. I can only get to the bottom where Warlock’s set is and can’t move on? Maybe you could lend a helping hand, Extreme. Thanks,

  2. Hi Peter,

    I recently updated the website software & its made a few changes around the place. It used to say “Next Page” (which i prefer) but now says “older posts” which is abit misleading as could be seen as unrelated to the section you are currently in. But thats what you need, it will take you to the next (or previous) page.

    Im going to have a quick look to change it back so it may be back to ‘Next page’ by the time you see this message 🙂

  3. You nailed it, that’s what I thought. Thanks for the reply also. I admire your dedication to your site. Much respect. Peter

  4. Hi, very nice website, cheers!

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