DJextreme – 1993 Hardcore Vol.6


01 Jack Horner & DJ Pulse – Summer in the South – Creative Wax [CW001]
02 Ed Rush – Bludclot Artattack – No U Turn [NUT 002]
03 On Remand – Black Steel – Crackhouse [CH001]
04 Dillinja – Forever Fierce – Cybotron [DILL001]
05 Legendary Vol.1 – The Execution – Legend [LEG008]
06 Goldie – Saint Angel – Synthetic Hardcore Phonography
07 DJ Crystl – Crystalize – Dee Jay [DJX008]
08 Skanna – Heaven – Skanna [SKANNA05]
09 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Drowning in Her – Tone Def [013DJR]
10 Gappa G & Hyper Hypa – Information Centre – Ruff Cut [GH2]
11 T Power – Steal the Keys – Soapbar [SBR010]
12 Skanna – Until night is Morning – Skanna [SKANNA04]
13 DJ Trace & Ed Rush – Clean Gun – Lucky Spin
14 On Remand – Badboy Tune – Crackhouse [CH001]
15 SMF – Twisted Bungle – Rugged Vinyl [RUGGED02]
16 DJ Mayhem – Cold Acid – Basement [BRSS016]
17 4 Hero – Journey from the Light – Reinforced [RIVET1235]
18 Internal Affairs – Shining down on Me – Reinforced [RIVET1246]
19 Ruffige Crew – Ghosts of my Life – Reinforced [RIVET1244]

5 thoughts on “DJextreme – 1993 Hardcore Vol.6

  1. Hi eXtreme, I just wanted to say thank you for all these wonderful mixes mate, the whole lot from 91 – 93.

    These were my peak years, and its great to hear a real catalogue of the sounds, including the odd tune I missed first time round.

    Well done, nice site, nice mixing, and please keep it up.


  2. Cheers for these mixes bro.

    At the end of Volume 6 1993 you start mixing a tune into ttrack 19 by Refuge Kru,but you fade the mix out.

    Whats the name of that track? I’ve been searching for it for time.

  3. Can really hear the peak in hardcore style in this mix. Simpler chops that catch a nice rhythmic groove then get repeated and layered. Continual bass tones that emphasize the repetitive rolling break or precisely placed bass notes opposite or combined with strange eerie samples. Dark in mood but with a serious euphoria rather than demonically dark and scary especially the tracks for the first half of the mix. Cream of the crop buisness.

  4. Darkstranger that is how ‘Ghosts Of My Life’ ends bro, transforms in another direction. HOWEVER if you get the Ghosts E.P (RIVET 1244) the second tune on the double AA side is ‘High Rollers ‘Ghostin’ Out’ which uses this ending section as the main basis of the tune but much slower in BPM. Proper moody stuff. Very clever in design this E.P.

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