Kenny Ken – National Groove Movement Studio Mix (NGM023) – [December 1993]

Side 1

DJ Solo – Darkage (All Night Mix) [Production House]
Bass Influence – Let It Rip [Impact]
Hyper On Experience – Lords Of The Null Lines (Foul Play remix) [Moving Shadow]
Deep Blue – The Helicopter Tune [Moving Shadow]
M Beat – Style (Sweet Girl Mix) [Renk]
Hyper On Experience – Monarch Of The Glen [Moving Shadow]
Deep Blue – Fantasy #3 [Moving Shadow]
Q Project – It’s Time [Legend]
Sonz of a Loop da Loop Era – R Yeah [Suburban Base]
Hyper On Experience – Disturbance [Moving Shadow]
Fruit & Veg – Volume 2A [Cat No. SKINT2]
The Full SP – Raw Basics (Tango remix) [Face]
Bizzy B & Equinox – 7 Minutes Of Madness [Brain]

Side 2

DJ Crystl – Your Destiny [Dee Jay]
DJ Crystl – Deep Space [Dee Jay]
Raw From China – The Omen (remix) [Reel 2 Reel]
– Edited from TL –
Future Sound Of Hardcore – ??? Promised Land (Original Mix) ??? [Dee Jay – DJX0016A1]
– Edited from TL –
Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam – Made In 2 Minutes (Origin Unknown remix) [PWL]
Future Sound Of Hardcore – Desire [Dee Jay]
JMJ & Richie – Case Re-Opened (Deep Blue Brought To Trial Mix) [Moving Shadow]
Aphrodite & Nutty Jim – Feel Real [Aphrodite]
Hardware – Nightstalker (DJ SS remix) [Face]
The Last Crusaders – In Love [Formation]
International Rude Boyz – Drum Programme (remix) [Formation]

Thanks to JJ for the tracklisting

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