Selectabwoy – Eclectic Samples Mix Part VII (24/06/2018)

The final mix of samples used in jungle/D&B, 1994-1996, or thereabouts.

Over 200 tracks from a smorgasbord of eclectic sources including soul, funk/breaks, new romantic, electro, cheesy 80s pop acapellas, a hint of ragga, Chinese ambient classical folk, film samples, new age weirdness and, oh my, a veritable fuckload of hip-hop. Most of this flipped and reconfigured into an extended sample trip scattered with VIP reinterpretations of your favourite jungle hits 😀

With hardcore and early jungle covered in mixes 5 & 6, this is a fitting way to end the series. 
It’s a really special era to me, the best of times. Back in 1995 we were hitting the dancefloors hard; Ruffneck Ting mixtapes and the Full Cycle radio shows were fuelling our vinyl addiction, and the variety of fresh music out there was incredible. A whole spectrum of breakbeat music from ragga and rare groove-infused jungle to atmospheric DnB, the Reinforced/Metalheadz sound and early techstep through to hip-hop flavoured jump-up and the ‘pure rollers’ era and if you ask me, it never sounded better than when all mixed up together. My most cherished sets to this day are those Randall ones (who else?) where you’d hear a Photek dub in the mix with the latest Formation smasher – contrasting, complementary styles. I’ve tried to keep this diversity in mind here, albeit with the music retold in the form of samples and with the tempos running all over the place, but hopefully it still comes across. It fucking well better had cos I’ve easily spent a couple of hundred hours on this bad boy :0

Big shout to everyone that’s hooked me up me with ideas, sample/break IDs and hard-to-find mp3s, and for being nice and accommodating my increasingly obsessive tendencies. Special shouts to Olly WiseGuise, Ciaran, Paul, Mihail P, Jason Cz, Josh Roadblock, Dave Sector, Dom Stanton, Mikhail, Russell Kent, Jakes, JJ, DJextreme, Ian Saunders, Ornette & the RDB crew, Marc Mac, Stretch & Decoy, Ricky Law, Daniel Vye, the FB Jungle Beardstrokers, Jungle List crew, LLBCJ, Rollin’ and the DOA forummers. All you soundcloud users messaging, leaving comments and spreading these mixes around – cheers, it’s always appreciated.

Biggest shout once again to my missus & boys X

That’s it, we’re done here. Enjoy!

Selectabwoy / Will

Full tracklisting breakdown : HERE

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