Selectabwoy – Eclectic Samples Mix Part VI (08/04/2018)

Back to the jungle

(Quick recap)

– A salute to the pioneers of hardcore/jungle (’93-’95 golden era this time)
– 180 original samples and breaks hunted down, chopped up and rebuilt
– Multi-genre, multi-tempo trip for the sample geeks
– Also intended to be fun to listen to in its own right
– No tracklist*
– No download*

*Not my usual style and some of you may be thinking ‘you tight-fisted f*^&ing arsehole!’ hear me out. I’ve been working on this 3 months straight, walking the line between euphoria and OCD-fuelled madness. Like, the dub section coming together was a real high point, but I’m fairly sure part of my soul died forever around version 16 of the intro. So you can hopefully appreciate that I want the damned thing to be heard!
If you enjoy this mix, keep showing the love leave a comment, give a like and a repost, tweet, whatever Knock mix IV off the top spot and I’ll enable the 320kbps download (includes embedded tracklist).
Go go go! 😀

This time there’s an accompanying bonus mix (/alternate tracklist) of the corresponding hardcore/jungle tunes in roughly the same order Selectabwoy – Eclectic-samples-mix-part-vi-jungle-edition

Sending this out once again to all the sample-diggers with far more patience and determination than me – Rolldabeats forum, WhoSampled, FB Jungle sample beardstrokers, Discogs community – huge respect.
Special thanks to the experts who’ve provided me with invaluable consultation services – Jason Cz, Two Hungry Ghosts, Marc Mac, Ian S and Ornette. Big up Ricky Drumtrip Law and Dan X-Nation Vye for the original idea. Extra-special shouts to the ever-patient Mrs. Selectabwoy and the kids, Olly, Ciaran, Paul, Mihail P, Jermaine, Josh Roadblock, JJ & DJextreme.

Hope you enjoy 😀

Full tracklisting breakdown : HERE

All previous sample mixes here, as if you didn’t know


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