Grooverider – Kiss 100 FM [26th January 1996]


Ed Rush – Trace – Nico – Mad Different Methods [Nu Black]
Capone – Mysteries Of The Deep [Hardleaders]
DJ Pulse – Let You In (Wax Doctor Remix) [Moving Shadow]
Mastermind – Blacknotes [Renegade]
KMC – Drifting [Timeless]
Omni Trio – Astral Phase [Moving Shadow]
Mouly & Lucida – Inertia [Timeless]
Innervisions – In The Shadow [Reinforced]
M.I.D. – Dreams (Revisited) [Offset]
DJ Trace – Monkeys [Unreleased]
Lemon D – Subphonic [Prototype]
Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs (Remix) [Razors Edge]
Matrix – Slow Drift [New Identity – DJ SS Presents Jazz & Bass Vol 1 LP]
Mystic Moods – Horn Fusion [Concept 1] [Mystic Moods]
Dom & Roland – Dynamics [Moving Shadow]
Adam F – F Jam (Original Mix) – [F-Jams]
SDR & Subsonic – The Instrumental (Part 2) [Shoebox]
DJ Die & DJ Suv – Out Of Sight – [V Recordings]
Lemon D – Going Gets Tough – [Prototype]
The Chameleon – Just Close Your Eyes & Listen – [Good Looking]

Big thanks to The Mighty Rabbit for supplying the Tape.

5 thoughts on “Grooverider – Kiss 100 FM [26th January 1996]

  1. Hi dj extreme and jj, I always check hardscore, every few days. Respect for keeping it alive. My mate runs rave tape you have any packs that you want to swap etc. Always good to make contact..also I know this is an obscure qu, but what is your favourite era from drumz? Mine changes all the time, but to me the golden era is 91-mid 93 for hardcore, 94-45 from jungle/ technical drumz and also 95- early 97, for the early hardstep/ hip hop influenced styles or formation/ stuff that brockie would play. No cheese..

  2. Couldn’t really decide – i seem to flip around the styles & years every couple of months so never get bored stuck in one place.
    Pretty much what Hardscore covers are my fav era’s…

  3. Sorry for the delay..well done for keeping things alive..I ve followed the site for years and it is impressive/ you show great dedication.

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