DJ Monita – Chapter Five (August 1994)


Dead Dred – Dred Bass [Moving Shadow]
Fallen Angels – Oh Yeah [I.Q.]
A-Zone – Safety Zone (remix) [White House]
John – Kindred [Prototype]
Liftin’ Spirits – State Of Mind [Labello Blanco]
The Gimp – Your Mind (Gimp / Steve Mix) [Proper Talent]
Deep Blue – Staircase [Moving Shadow]
Red One – The Futurist [Liftin’ Spirit]
The Dream Team – Over You [Joker]
D’Cruze – Lonely [Suburban Base]
Roni Size & DJ Die – The Calling [V]
Da Intalex – What Ya Gonna Do [Flex]
Johnny Jungle – Johnny ’94 (Pascal remix) [Suburban Base]
Red One – Alive & Kickin [Liftin’ Spirit]
Parallel World – Tear Into It [Good Looking]
D’Cruze – Chronic Breaks [Suburban Base]
DJ Monk – I Spy [K.L.P.]
Dead Dred – Running The Family [Moving Shadow]
Tango – Project 1 Remix [Formation]
Coolhand Flex – Mercy, Mercy [In Touch]
New Blood – Worries In The Dance [London Some’ting]
A-Zone – Calling All The People (remix) [White House]
Dopestyle – You Must Think First!! [Ganja]
Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs (remix) [Deadly Vinyl]
DJ Trax – High Time (Nookie remix) [Moving Shadow]

Thanks to DJ Monita for the mix & thanks to JJ for the Track Listing!

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