Easy Groove – Yaman Studio Mix (Late 1993)


01. Spicelab – Lost In Spice
02. California Dreams – California Dreams Volume 3 (a)
03. X-Crash – Onionz
04. California Dreams – California Dreams Volume 3 (a)
05. Liquid Bass – Paradise
06. Retro-grams – Logan Analog 1
07. Holy Killers – Combat EP (b2)
08. The Earthworm – Shine
09. Laura Grabb – 1K
10. Pravda Trax – Pravda Interrupt
11. The Jokers – Final Countdown
12. Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee – The Mobster
13. Sperminator – S-Fucking
14. Deaz D Featuring DJ Fish – A Track Called Wanda
15. Speed Soul Brothers – Sandman (The Final Kill)
16. Total Output – Pulse
17. Krimson – Praise Jesus (Archaeopteryx Mix)
18. Total Output – Clip Lite
19. Metatron – New Urbanist
20. Integrated Circuits – Beware
21. Haardcore – Everybody In The House
22. Sigma 909 – Power Surge
23. Vitamin – Alice In Donderland (Liza N Eliaz Mix)
24. The Falcon – Tear You Apart (Pile Power)
25. Igor – Talking About God (Oops, There Goes The Gain)

Big thanks to cuchulainn187 for the Tracklisting !

3 thoughts on “Easy Groove – Yaman Studio Mix (Late 1993)

  1. The best hard Techno mix i ever heard! In my opinion the definitive Easygroove Technodread mix … Been looking for this this for sooo long … I’m going to really enjoy this, thank u 😀

  2. this is without a shadow of a doubt the best mix ever in the history of the known reaches of the milkyway start nice and polite and then gradualy builds you up until your head pops great samples great choice what more can i say without soundin like i wanna suck his dick but easygroove that mix changed my fuckin life mate

  3. I used to stand dazed in the middle of raves when Easygroove was on, thinking “What the fuck is going on now? This is too mental. Help me, someone please help me…”.
    Now I can re-live that bewilderment in the comfort of my own home thanks to this tape rip.

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