LTJ Bukem – Yaman Studio Mix ‘Marsin’ Out’ [No Cat. No.] (Spring 1995)


Side A

>> Intro
01 Essence Of Aura – So This Is Love [Moving Shadow]
02 Koda – Crisis [Intalektive]
03 Essence Of Aura – Northern Lights (remix) [Moving Shadow]
04 Danny Breaks – Volume 2 (EZ Rollers remix) [Droppin’ Science]
05 Photek – The Rain [Metalheadz]
06 Wax Doctor – All I Need [R+S]
07 Source Direct – Modem [Source Direct]
08 Mystic Moods – Shakout (95 Concept) [Mystic Moods]
09 Appaloosa – Travelling – [Good Looking]

Side B

01 Sounds Of Life – Currents  (S.O.L. Remix) [Certificate 18]
02 Aquarius + Tayla – Soul Searching [Good Looking]
03 PFM – One & Only [Looking Good]
04 Oblivion – Lush [Streetbeats]
05 PFM – Dreams [Looking Good]
06 PFM – Cruising Detroit [Moving Shadow]
07 Chameleon – Links – [Good Looking]
08 Roger Johnson – Walk Of Life – [Basement]

13 thoughts on “LTJ Bukem – Yaman Studio Mix ‘Marsin’ Out’ [No Cat. No.] (Spring 1995)

  1. Hi Hiro, something strange going on!

    There seems to be 2 different versions of this Marsin Out mix… ?

    The original mp3 version i had uploaded here has the original, i then replaced it with this newer rip i made from a tape & it has the remix!

    This is the old recording i had here on hardscore for years :'Marsin'%20Out'%20-%20Spring%201995%20(orig).mp3

    will investigate …

  2. True, they are different! And some of the tracks cut into the one before at slightly different points. It’s fascinating, but also speaks to Bukem’s mastery that he made two almost identical (but equally polished) versions of the same mix. I wonder if the two different versions correspond to the two different covers (below)?

    I changed the Discogs tracklist of both to Currents (S.O.L. Remix), so if you can figure out which one is which, one of them had better be changed back!

  3. I’m sure there was a track, I think on side b, with the sample saying “we still have today” anyone remember what is was?

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