LTJ Bukem – Yaman Studio Mix – Techno Vol.1 (1991)


Side A

A1 Disco Biscuit – Who Wants A Disco Biscuit? – ECHO 1000
A2 II Exodus – The Dark Spirits – II Exodus
A3 Epitome of Hype – Ladies with an Attitude (Club Dub) – Big Life
A4 Intelligent Communication – Drive – Jumpin’ & pumpin’
A5 Protocol – Autoload – Coolin Records
A6 Masters At Work – Jump On It @ 45RPM – Cutting Records
A7 Underkut – Both Ends – Mendoza Records
A8 Toxic – Original Style – D Zone / Contagious
A9 Easymo – N2 – D-Zone Records
A10 Is That It? – No Name Drum-A-Pella – D-Zone Records
A11 NRG – Dope E Dwarf – Chill recs
A12 Sys’tem X – Wind It Up – Subversion Records

Side B 

B1 Lennie D Ice – W R IE – De Underground
B2 Warp Factor 3 – Jammin’ Soul (D-Shake Mix) – ESP
B3 Linea Alba – Space Travel – Mikki House
B4 Rhythim Is Rhythim – It Is What It Is – Transmat
B5 Rebel MC – Tribal Base (Foundation Instrumental) – Desire Records
B6 The House Crew – Keep The Fire Burning X 2 copies – Production House
B7 The House Crew – Get On Up X 2 copies – Production House
B8 Chris Simmonds – Leave Him Alone – Baby Blue Records
B9 Lennie De Ice – Dance Bad – IE/Reel 2 Reel
B10 Energy Storm Vol. I – Synergy X-pansion
B11 Plaid – Perplex (from Mbuki Mvuki LP) – Black Dog
B12 E-Dancer – Speaker Punishing (The Dirty Mix) – Incognito
B13 Moby – Go (Woodtick Mix) – Outer Rhythm

Thanks to Kingsley for recording the tape & Nebkins in the FB group for starting the tracklistings & the Discogs forum crew for filling in some gaps.


4 thoughts on “LTJ Bukem – Yaman Studio Mix – Techno Vol.1 (1991)

  1. One of my all time favourite mixes is the BUK01 and this mix is clearly a precursor to that. Only listened to the first ‘side’ and loving it. Many many thanks for the upload. Cheers, ron.

  2. Just seen the updated tracklisting – I knew one for once!! Glad to be of service.

    Cheers, ron

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