DJ GE Real – Innocent Chemistry Pt I – 1992

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Krome & Time This Sound Is For The Underground
Primitive Time To Move
Nu-Matic Keep You Movin’ (Break The Speakers Mix)
Nick OD Have You Got Any More Spam (No Don’t Yam Pork Remix)
Foul Play Feel The Vibe
A.E.K. Too Much Juice
Boyzland & Wagga T Coming On Strong
Phuture Assassins Future Sound (2 Bad Mice Remix)
Urban Hype A Trip To Trumpton (The Trumpton Remix)
Rebel MC Humanity (Which Mix ??)
Boyzland & Wagga T Rock Da House
Nu-Matic It’s Strange (Dances Are Changin’) (Original Mix)
Foul Play Ragatere
Nick OD Let Your Mind Be Free (Tek 9 Remix)
Joey Beltram Fuck All You Mother Fuckers
M.A.D. Ba-Da-Da-Da (Angel Cake Mix)
N.U.K.E. Nana (Suicide Remix)
Unknown Artist Gono (B1)
The Emphasis Solstice
DJ Freshtrax & DJ HMS Divine Distortion
Toxic Two Flash Back
Hyper On Experience Watchusnow
Yolk Music 4 Da People
Unknown Artist Gono (B2)
Unknown Artist ?? 38:00
The Mario Brothers Something (Breakdown Mix)
Mandy I Just Can’t Wait (Mickey Finn On The Mix) (Drum And Bass Mix)
Unknown Artist ?? 41:35
Unknown Artist ?? 42:00

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Progression Lost In The Jungle
NTT Hypnotise
Primitive Time Tunel
Primitive Mash It Up
Progression 150 B.P.M.
MC Lenny A.J.D. (Which Mix ??)
Yolk Bishbosh
2 Bad Mice Bombscare (Remix)
Progression Jungle Dream
The Emphasis Reginald Hardcore
Foul Play Ricochet
Tronix Good And Strong
Ruff Sector Untitled (Mix 2)
Krome & Time Manic Stampede (DJ Hype’s Sandringham Road Mix)
Progression Get On Your Feet
Rebel MC I Can’t Get No Sleep (Jungle Fever Dub)
Nick OD Ruff Dub (Remix)
A.E.K. Battle Of The Sexes
Nick OD Jazzy Hardcore (Festa Remix)
NTT Sunrise
DJ Freshtrax & DJ HMS The Proximity
2 Bad Mice Hold It Down (Remix)
2 Bad Mice Waremouse (Remix)
Mental & Dangerous Police & Thieves (Vocal Mix)
Chops EMC Me’ Israelites (Re-Vitalised Mix)
Urban Tribes Rave Your Body (Dub Mix)
Unknown Artist ?? 43:05

Thanks to Pineapple Tribe for the Links & Nebkins for the tracklisting

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