DJ Smart – ’96 Lick Volume 6


Side A

Maldini – No Turning Back [Trouble on Vinyl]
Pascal – Reality [Frontline]
Ganja Kru – Can’t Handle the Streets (Fear Mix 2) [Frontline]
Tribe Of Issachar – Junglist (DJ Zinc Remix) [Congo Natty]
Jo – R-Type [Awesome]
Gang Related & Mask – Biters [Dope Dragon]
Firefox & Glamour Gold – Bass Switch [Philly Blunt]
Cybotron feat. Dillinja – Threshold [Prototype]
Maximum Style – The Teacher [Parousia]
Shimon & Andy C – Quest [Ram]
Capone – Guess Who [Hardleaders]
Ed Rush, Trace & Nico – Droid [Nu Black]
Embee – Rude Dog (Remix) [Splash]

Side B

Embee – Rude Dog (Remix) [Splash]
Ganja Kru – Can’t Handle the Streets (Fear Mix 1) [Frontline]
Ill Figure – Jam Hot [Intalex]
Shimon & Andy C – Night Flight [Ram]
Ill Figure – Run [Intalex]
Dillinja – Muthaf*cka (Firefox Remix) [Philly Blunt]
Tribe Of Issachar – Junglist (No Sell Out Remix) [Congo Natty]
Embee – Is It Good Enough for Ya [Splash]
Gang Related & Mask – Suckers [Dope Dragon]
Capone – Mysteries of the Deep [Hardleaders]
Trinity – Gangsta (Glamour Gold Remix) [Philly Blunt]
Ed Rush – Killamanjaro [Prototype]…

DJ Smart – ’96 Lick Volume 4


Gang Related/Mask – Sky [Dope Dragon]
Sappo – Dopeman [Flex]
D-Power – Beef (Mental Power Remix) [D-Power]
Mask/Bigga Star – Raid [Dope Dragon]
De-Elite – Too Deep [A-Ko Recordings]
DJ Die – Play It For Me [V]
Ed Rush ‘Check Me Out’ [Dee Jay Recordings]
Gang Related/Mask – Ready or Not [Dope Dragon]
Studio Pressure – Touching Down… Planet Photek [Photek]
Roni Size – Brut Force [Full Cycle]
Substance/DJ Dazee – Confusion [Ruffneck Ting]
Sappo – Adventure (Remix) [Intalex]
Blame – Planet Neptune [Moving Shadow]
Mask – One People [Dope Dragon]
Renegade – Tear Out [Dread]
Substance/DJ Dazee – Goahead [Ruffneck Ting]
D-Power – Self Control (Mental Power Remix) [D-Power]
DJ Die – Soul [V]
Blame – Neptune [Moving Shadow]
Danny Breaks – Step Off (Splash Remix) [Droppin’ Science]
De-Elite – Check Dis [A-Ko Recordings]
Danny Breaks – Astrology [Droppin’ Science]
Roni Size – Secrets [Full Cycle]
Sappo – Stomp Out [Flex]
Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs (Remix) [Razor’s Edge]

(The cassette for Volume 3 has been lost)
Big thanks to selectabwoy for the original recording.…

DJ Smart – ’96 Lick Volume 2


Source Direct – The Crane [Source Direct]
City Connection – Impact [Urban Gorilla]
Maldini – Def Roll [Phat Trax]
Bonafide – Super Bad (DJ Zinc Remix) [Frontline]
DJ Krust – Not Necessarily a Man [V]
Adam F – Aromatherapy [Section 5]
Doc Scott – Blue Skies [Metalheadz]
The Mack – Rem-a-Nissin [SOUR]
T-Bone and Stretch – Shaolin Style [Riddim Track]
The Terrorist – The Chopper [Dread]
Adam F – Lighter Style [Section 5]
Aquasky – Kauna [Moving Shadow]
Flynn and Flora – Bass Speaker [Independent Dealers]
Maldini – Kosmo [Phat Trax]
Bonafide – Super Bad [Frontline]
Photek – The Rain (Remix) [Metalheadz]
DJ Krust – Angles [V]
The Terrorist – RK1 [Dread]
ST Files – Sky High [Intalex]
T-Bone and Stretch – Snake Style [Riddim Track]
The Mack – Another Player [SOUR]
Tango & Pulse – Let the Hustlers Play [Moving Shadow]

Big thanks to selectabwoy for the original recording.…