LTJ Bukem – Kiss 100 FM [19th August 1998]


Flytronix – Jazz Architecture – Moving Shadow
Odyssey – Submerge – 720 Degrees (Earth 3 LP)
Flying Fish – Radio 170 – Federation
Blu Mar Ten – Santur – GLR
The Amalgamation of Soundz – Moments Like This – Filter
Total Science – Fractions – 720 Degrees
Aural Imbalance – Evolver – 720 Degrees
Big Bud – State of Mind – GLR
Nu Moon/Moonchild – Possible Worlds – LGR
Alaska & Paradox – Space-Age – GLR
Pariah – Urban Score (Released in 2019 on Okbron Records)
Seba – The Lost Key – 720 Degrees
LTJ Bukem – Constellation – Earth
Tayla – Stargazing – Earth
Artemis – First Light – Earth

Big thanks to The Mighty Rabbit for supplying the Tape.

5 thoughts on “LTJ Bukem – Kiss 100 FM [19th August 1998]

  1. Don’t want to start an argument, but this is time when the music had become rather toothless IMO. The atmospheres were pleasant enough, but the beats and bass were kinda lame, notable exception being Paradox with Space Age.

    It was interesting to see Bukem practically go off in his own direction (accompanied somewhat by Fabio) with this music, only to abandon it in the mid noughties for the emerging liquid stuff, which does even less for me than this stuff does.

    For me, it is called D’n’B because it needs to drums, but the drums were an afterthought – no wonder Paradox produced “All you 2 step b**t*rds leave our planet”, I know how he was feeling. On the other hand, in 2019 the old school tunes are too fast (BPM) and there are too many amen tunes (amen is not the be all and end all, guys).

    You can’t win sometimes!

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