Top Buzz – 2 Blacks & A Bubble Part Two [1992]

Side A

A1 Nasty Habits – Let’s Go
A2 Basic Judgement – I Can Make You Harder
A3 DJ Royal T & DJ XL –  Fantasy In Motion (Piano Mix)
A4 The Bogey Man – Enter The Hardcore
A5 Top Buzz – Livin’ In Darkness
A6 Bodysnatch – Hey I Can’t Explain It (Scanners Mix)
A7 The Good 2 Bad And Hugly – You Know How To Love Me
A8 Jonny L – Hurt You So (Alright) (The ‘Full’ Mix)
A9 Creator – Jungle Bizniz
A10 Nick-O-D – Jazzy Hardcore (Festa Remix)
A11 System Exclusive – Fusion
A12 Kurnel Knifekut & General Gun – Theme From Daddy Armshouse
A13 Vocation – Equilibrium

Side B

B1 Vocation – Equilibrium (cont.)
B2 After Dark – Atlantis (Remix)
B3 Hedgehog Affair – Don’t Just Stand There
B4 Wriggler – Butthole Surfers (Good Vibrations)
B5 Hedgehog Affair – Heaven Sent
B6 DJ Clarkee – Have A Good Time
B7 Fabio & Grooverider – Darklands
B8 Asmo – Security
B9 Unity – Unity (Future Sound Of London Remix)
B10 The Sorcerer – Set Your Body Free
B11 ??? Unknown Artist – Untitled
B12 Two Dark – Everyone (Sunshine Mix)
B13 Terrorize – Feel The Rhythm (Firing Remix)

1 thought on “Top Buzz – 2 Blacks & A Bubble Part Two [1992]

  1. OMG, awesome! I had this on tape ‘back in the day’ – I was the only one of my friends to have it. One day I lent it out… I never saw it again.

    I’d given up all hope of ever hearing it again.. I thank you sir, from the bottom of my heart.

    Rave on!

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