Maverick & Smokey Joe – Future FM 99.1 [February 1996]


01 Smokey Joe & Tobi – 2 Free (With The Gun) – No Smoking
02 Basic Infuence – Still Waters – Hardleaders
03 Hydro – Tha’ Bomb Shit – Emotif
04 Elementz Of Noize – Flexiwidatek – Sour
05 DJ Krust – Black Marbles – Chronic
06 Origin Unknown – Truly One – Ram
07 Roni Size – Dayz – V Recordings
08 The 45 Roller – Shotz – Ebony
09 Dope Jam – Applebum – Rude & Deadly
10 DJ Krust – Not Necessarily A Man – V Recordings
11 Smokey Joe – Funkula (DJ Hype Remix) – No Smoking
12 Shy FX – Funkindemup (DJ Krust Remix) – Ebony
13 Rampage – Godfather (Remix) – Unreleased
14 DJ Krust – Angles – V Recordings
15 DJ Krust – Poison (Shy FX Remix) – Chronic
>> ??? Smokey Joe –
16 Milan – Just One Moment – Easy
>> Daz – Identity – Splash


17 thoughts on “Maverick & Smokey Joe – Future FM 99.1 [February 1996]

  1. My mates used to be on this station. Polo and Elite. Maverick used to work at Boogie Times in Romford with Elite, Dj Ash from Kool Fm and Winston.

  2. Hello mate, I was a regular buying back then in Boogie Times so remember James Elite & Neil Maverick 🙂
    Are you the DJ Peekay that had the release on Boogie Times? Come My Selecta!

  3. Hi Extreme. Unfortunately not. Just coincidence my dj name is the same. Do you remember Winston and Dj Ash from Kool FM?

  4. Oh yes i remember all the guys that worked there over the years. I first went in early 1992 & last around 1999.
    A few of the others like Danny Breaks, Shimon, Melvin D, Zinc
    I definitely have a few more Future FM sets, from what i remember i have a DJ Elite 45min set, DJ Styles & i think something darker from late 1996

  5. I didnt know zinc or shimon worked there! I know Danny Breaks owned the shop.

    Please upload if you can.

    Are you from Romford then?

    Do you remember shakedown fm and unity fm?

  6. Yeah, they both worked in there around 1995, Shimon was there everyday & i think Zinc just some Saturdays.
    I worked in Romford during these times so it was easy access at a lunchtime!
    remember Shakedown & Unity well, have a few sets from those stations, i spoke to DJ Infinity & Flatliner on twitter recently – passed on a few sets to them.
    We ran out little station in the same area, Freedom FM

  7. Cheers for that. Will defo like to hear sets from Unity and Shakedown.

    What are Flatliner and Infinity doing these days? Still djing?

    You ever go to the Hardcore Hellraiser events?

  8. I’m just emailing over some tape rips of future,shakedown &conflict… more to come also 😉

  9. @ peakay. shakedown was part owned by unity. shakedown later became conflict fm. unity shut down and some djs went over to conflict. later there was a split in management. future fm was born out of the original shakedown crew in 95 and ran until 96. shakedown comeback as a house station in 97 for a few years

  10. Cheers Mark. Assuming you are Scoobie? If you are, I just watched a French documentary with you on it. Was that Unity on the programme? Btw can anyone remember a hardcore jungle tune with a bob Marley “jamming” sample?

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