Dieselboy – ‘Supreme’ Studio Mix – [October 1995]

Side A 

Hidden Agenda – On The Roof [Metalheadz]
Alex Reece – B-Boy Flavour [Metalheadz]
Skanna – Find Me [Skanna]
Photek – The Rain [Metalheadz]
Aquasky – Images [Moving Shadow]
JMJ & Richie – Free La Funk [Moving Shadow]
Aquarius & Tayla – Bringing Me Down [Good Looking]
M.T.S. – Inspiration [Juice]
Photek – Consciousness [Photek]
Desired State – Goes Around [Ram]
DJ Trace – Final Chapta (Rollers Mix) [Dee Jay]
DJ Hype & Ganja Max – Rinse Out [Ganja]
Splash – Babylon (DJ Trace Mix PT 2) [Dee Jay]
DJ Zinc – So Damn Fresh [Ganja]

Side B 

Da Dogz – Non Stop [Prime Time Wax]
T.Power – Octagon [Sour – The Self Evident Truth Of An Intuitive Mind LP]
Roni Size – Time Stretch (Origin Unknown remix) [V]
Asylum – Steppin’ Hard [Metalheadz]
Basic Movements – Bubble & Wine [Suburban Base]
Desired State – Here & Now [Ram]
Octave One – Technology [31]
Photek – Complex [Photek]
Phaze 1 – Natural [Timeless]
Amazon II – Deep In The Jungle (DJ Rap remix) [Aphrodite]
Roni Size – Phyzical (Vintage remix) [V]
J Majik – Needle Point Majik [Metalheadz]
Wax Doctor – The Step [Metalheadz]
Dillinja – Heavenly Bass [Logic Productions]

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