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Home to the DJextreme mixes + Studio Mixes, Pirate Radio, Rave TapesDocumentaries from 1989 until 1999.

Over 900 Mixes are available, All can be streamed or downloaded.
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9 thoughts on “Welcome to Hardscore.com

  1. Unbelievable. So great that you got these links working. I remember that fateful day when it looked like Hardscore was cooked for good. Thanks so much

  2. Thank you for archiving and opening this treasure chest of excellence.

  3. Hardcore forever. Thanks for the downloads especially after stressfactor.co.uk lost all their old school mixes. Much respect to Dj-B-12

  4. Brilliant site i come back to often…allways bookmarked…glad ure still here

  5. I just found you today after doing a search on Phaze 3 Kool FM, from a file I’ve been listening to, found on Soulseek. Sorry I’m twenty-some years late. Time for a new t-shirt.

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