Yaman Productions Info

Join the Yaman Productions Facebook Group, all the tape cover scans can be found there.

First & foremost: Massive shouts to Russ & Silky for putting out the tapes & the DJs for making them what they are – Big up !

Page Compiled by DJextreme, With Special thanks for tape rips, tune ids  & scans to : JJ, Nebkins, jon6610, DJ Fav, Mr.Shift, Somatic,
& A Big thanks to the Tracklisting Crew : oxymoron, mishmash, TheDarkStranger, tek, Kryb, tricky, geomon, Dara, Haste, Brooker, Jaz,
Kush D, Matt Bassline, Tim Acid, MikeW, Hex, DJ Destiny, Steve J, Nookie, Ornette, Edzy76, Strongforce, DJ Fav, Sonic92, Nits, Scotty + Tuneid.com & B2VOS Forum Crew.

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