Grooverider – Mix Kaos 14 (1992)


A01) NF – Behold The Jungle (Re-Issue)
A02) Cheeba Wizard – Your Mother Left Her Knickers In The Back Seat Of My Car – Hardcore Urban Music
A03) Ecology – I Need Somebody – Vicious Pumpin Plastic
A04) Cheeba Wizard – This Is Cocaine – Hardcore Urban Music
A05) Ecology – Set Me Free – Vicious Pumpin Plastic
A06) Cheeba Wizard – I Smoked A Kilo Too Many – Hardcore Urban Music
A07) G Double E – Asylum Seeker – Hardcore Urban Music
A08) Cheeba Wizard – Jump The Devil – Hardcore Urban Music
A09) G Double E – Fire When Ready – Hardcore Urban Music
A10) Unknown Artist – Untitled (Jump Up EP Vol 1) – PE12001
A11) DJ Red Alert & Scrabble – Slammer (Re-Mix) – Brain Records
A12) Unknown Artist – Untitled (Jump Up EP Vol 1) – PE12001
A13) DJ Red Alert & Scrabble – Now Get Up – Brain Records
A14) Known Chic – Atutu (O.D. Mix) – Gyroscope Records
A15) Alchemy – Bionic – ALM01
A16) Underground Software – A Different Ting – Reinforced
A17) Alchemy – Spartacus – ALM01
A18) Underground Software – Total Niceness – Reinforced
A19) Q Project – Impact (Mix 1) – QTIP001
A20) Sound Corp – Regentime Pt II – Tone Def Records
B01) Alchemy – Spartacus – ALM01
B02) NF – Mr Sulu
B03) SLM – Nice N Slow – Tone Def Records
B04) Obviously High – Inside My Head – Delirious Records
B05) Mysticism – Feelin’ High – Uppa Darta Records
B06) Mysticism – Mission Accomplished – Uppa Darta Records
B07) Obviously High – Mistery Tour – Delirious Records
B08) S.L.M. – Now I’m Finished (The Bells) – Tone Def Records
B09) Bad Girl – Bad Girl
B10) SMF – Untitled (Vol 3) – Rugged Vinyl
B11) DJ Pooch – Old Skool – POO001
B12) SMF – Untitled (Vol 3) – Rugged Vinyl
B13) NF- All Crew
B14) SMF – Untitled (Vol 3) – Rugged Vinyl
B15) DJ Pooch – Give Me Heaven – POO 001
B16) SMF – Untitled (Vol 3) – Rugged Vinyl
B17) NF – Breakage #3
B18) DJ Pooch – Better Change – POO001

Thanks to Nebkins for the tracklisting

5 thoughts on “Grooverider – Mix Kaos 14 (1992)

  1. Hi Willem, did your download cut off too soon?

    Just tried it now & its a 61.9MB file that plays for 1 hour & 18 mins.

    Its a strange MP3 format actually, seems to give a different duration depending on which mp3 player i use so something it not quite right with it.
    I will double check the original file later.

  2. I’d love to hear this but no matter how hard I try it keeps only ending up the first 6 minutes of the set and it says complete:(

  3. Hi Pete,

    Give that another try. This is a really weird MP3, none of my programs want to open it correctly. Managed to use Soundforge to open it (the waveform doesn’t even show up!) & re-save it again under a new encoder.

    Should be 1 hour 19 mins & 22 seconds & is only as far as B13 on the tracklisting ?

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