M0ving 5hadow Past>Future (1997)


A1 JMJ & Richie – Montana
A2 Hoax – Incident
A3 Omni Trio – Trippin On Broken Beats (V.I.P.)
A4 JMJ – Gravitational Pull
A5 E-Z Rollers – Retro (Guardians Of Dalliance Remix)
A6 Kudos – East Coast Vibez
B1 Deep Blue – The Helicopter Tune
B2 E-Z Rollers – Synesthesia
B3 Dom & Roland – Dynamics (Technical Itch Remix) ?????
B4 Neo-Tech – Valves
B5 Deep Blue & Blame – Transitions (Dom & Roland Remix)
B6 Technical Itch – The Virus
B7 Rob* & Goldie – The Shadow (V.I.P.)

4 thoughts on “M0ving 5hadow Past>Future (1997)

  1. Quality. I got this free with DJ mag and it got nicked. Was such a good tape! Have been looking for it for so long…cheers!

  2. Unbelievable…
    I had that tape too, and someday just disappeared.
    I’ve been tryin to find that on dj mag archive, but couldn’t reach so far…
    FINALY someone shared that..
    Many thanks mannn.

  3. Can someone please upload this one again? I lose it when I see the playlist.

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