The Original Oldskool Webring

What is it?

A Web Ring is a collection of sites that are all linked via a running theme and a special piece of Web page code that allows you to move through the various member sites until you reach the place you started.

Who Is Allowed?

Any site that is at least 80% Old Skool. Drum & Bass, Happy Hardcore, Record Stores and other sites will be rejected as they have their own Web Rings. If you want to be linked then send your site URL and we can exchange links on your sites links page.


First you must apply to join the Web Ring where you will be given a site ID number. Once you have the number insert it in to the code below. You can right click and save your own copy of this graphic so that you don't have to link to this site (this may speed up your page loading and will stop any broken links appearing on your page should this one be unavailable). Once the code is on your website YOU MUST LET ME KNOW. Just adding the code to your site will not magically add you in to the ring as this is a manual process done by me.


The Web Ring has to go on the page you specified when you joined. If you have an opening index page with a site logo and the Web Ring, you have to have either a Link to get back to the index page or another copy of the Web Ring on another easy to get to page, the whole point of the ring is to allow easy navigation around the sites. Any sites that break the ring by "trapping" people will be removed without notice.

You will need to change the siteid=XXX to the site number you have been given. If you leave it blank the ring will think your site is this one and you will stop the next site in the ring from receiving visitors, this will be considered breaking the ring and your site will be removed without notice.


Changing Graphics

2 different background colours are now available for different colour websites. Simply modify the code to use a different one or save to your own website.