Selectabwoy – Eclectic Samples Mix Part V – [22/09/2017]

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Selectabwoy :- 

Following my increasingly ludicrous claim that Eclectic Mix 4 would be the final of the series, I have to admit sample-digging is way too addictive to put down. 
Having sparked my nostalgia for the real deal old-skool hardcore during the techno sample-spotters mix, this rapidly snowballed into almost four months of painstaking, mind-fucking graft, culminating in Eclectic Mix 5… hardcore special, 1991-1993. Reconstructions, VIPs, sample mash-ups, a truckload of breaks, chipmunk vocals … all that good shit.

This time it’s over 300 original samples chopped up, pitched up, juxtaposed, generally fucked about with and repurposed into an extended tribute to the soundtrack of my yout’. Ahhhh… back to the days of watching Moby on TOTP (or was it Dance Energy? Big up Normski)… buying up XL and Rising High 12”s without hesitation from Our Price…. first hearing Acen’s ‘Close Your Eyes’ and SUAD’s ‘Green Man’ on Warehouse Raves 6 on a mate’s walkman at school and knowing things would never be the same again… religiously taping the Sublove shows…. desperately waiting for 4 Hero’s Journey From The Light to hit the shelves… all defining moments that stick in my mind. 
I concede then that this is a very personal mix, and could never be an exhaustive representation of artists from the era (which would be frankly impossible due to constraints of time, sanity and the fact that certain legendary labels – Basement spring to mind – didn’t use that many samples), nevertheless if you like your old skool you’ll probably like this mix. That said, If you make it to the end in one sitting I’ll be well impressed. Only for the headstrong.

Enough chat. The tracklist exceeds the Soundcloud word limit by a factor of three, so if you want it you can either (a) download – it’s embedded in mp3 lyrics tab, (b) PM me or (c) leave a comment for specific IDs. For now you can have a cryptic table of contents:

Selectabwoy Intro
Shut Up And Dance/Rum & Black/Ragga Twins
The Prodigy
Interlude: Re/Baptised By Dub
The Tale of Two Bad Mice
Interlude: Hello Darkness
Close Your Eyes
Suburban Base
Interlude: F*cking Hardcore
Reinforced (plus Terminator bonus)
Interlude: Crazy Bad Bwoy
Formation/Moving Shadow
Someday Music Takes You
NRG/Liquid Crystal
Trip To The Moon

Full Tracklisting

Easygroove – Phoenix Studioline 2 – Tape 2 – [Spring 1994]

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A01) A Guy Called Gerald – Nazinji-Zaka [Juice Box]
A02) Adam F – Sea Of Destiny [Lucky Spin]
A03) LJT & DJ Stylist – Untitled [Touch & Go – TAG002]
A04) The Groove Gangster – Let The Drummer Go [Soundscape]
A05) Dubtronix – Kill Some Sounds [Sub Assertive Sounds]
A06) Spectrum – Dub Above [Sub Assertive Sounds]
A07) Desired State – Beyond Bass (Remix) [Ram]
A08) Roger Johnson – The Drum ‘N’ The Bass [Basement]
A09) Essence Of Aura – Never Trust Your Fantasy [Outstanding]
A10) Desired State – Killer Beat (Q Bass Remix) [Ram]
A11) Pigbag & Vibes – Can You Reach [Active]
A12) Trinity – Chapter 20 [V]
A13) Emma C & Roach – Infinity [Eternal Bass]
B01) Warrior Bass – Pulsar [Future Vinyl]
B02) Point Blank & DJ Sweetness – Drummers From Hell [Scientific Wax]
B03) Warrior Bass – Ride The Rhythm [Future Vinyl]
B04) The Occupant – Introducing To You [Unatural Light]
B05) Scott-Free – Street Fighting (Martial Arts Mix) [Basement]
B06) Lewi Cifer – Heat (Summerfield Mix) [Red Eye]
B07) Cloud 9 – Gun Star Hero [Moving Shadow]
B8) DJ Transit – Music In Me (Happy Mix) [JD Connection]
B9) Fast Floor – Mind Sweeper [Smooth]
B10) The Groove Gangster – Let Yourself Go [Soundscape]
B11) DJ Undacut – Sleepless Nights (Manix Remix) [Deep & Dark]
B12) AK47 – Lost [Deep & Dark]
B13) DJ Undacut – Floating (Tek 9 Remix) [Deep & Dark]
B14) AK47 – Step In The Dark [Deep & Dark]
B15) The Criminal Minds – Jump The Gun (Smoke Eye Scientifik) [Section 12] 

Thanks to Nebkins for the Tracklisting.

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