LTJ Bukem – Kiss 100 FM [25th September 1996]


The Architex – Altitude – [Basement]
Shogun – Ulysees – [Renegade]
Aquasky – Moondance [Reinforced]
New Balance – Secret Portraits [Looking Good]
Neil Trix – Revolutions [Moving Shadow – Trans-Central Connection LP]
Organic Synthetic – Cosmos [Funk 21]
Blu Mar Ten – Unreal City [Unreleased]
PHD & Funky Technicians – Above & Beyond [Earth – Earth Volume One LP]
G-Force – Proximity [Unreleased]
Carlito – Cascade [Moving Shadow – Trans-Central Connection LP]
Grace – If I Could Fly (LTJ Bukem Roll It Mix) [Perfecto]
JMJ – Gravitational Pull [Moving Shadow – Storm From The East 2 LP]
Doc Scott – Tokyo Dawn [Nexus]
Poets Of Thought – Jamming The Session [Earth]

Big thanks to The Mighty Rabbit for supplying the Tape.
Thanks to JJ for the Tracklisting

LTJ Bukem – Kiss 100 FM [8th May 1996]


01. New Balance – Reflections (Looking Good LGR010)
02. ? – ? (Peshay & PFM Remix) (Unreleased)
03. JMJ & Richie – Beyond Therapy (Moving Shadow SHADOW102)
04. JDL – Blade Runner Blues (Brand Nu Musik BNM001)
05. Q-Project – Solar System (Looking Good LGR006)
06. 4 Mat 4 – Cult View (Blame Remix) (Precious Materials PM015)
07. Mystic Moods – Cosmic Fusion (Basement – BRSS065)
08. DJ Addiction – Senses (Earth EARTHLP002)
09. LTJ Bukem – Music (Peshay Re-Work) (Nexus NEXUS002)
10. Axis – Euphony (Looking Good LGR020)
11. Hieroglyphix – Destiny (Looking Good LGR012)
12. Intense – Careless Minds (Good Looking GLR18)
13. Blame – 360° Clic (Good Looking GLR019)

Big thanks to The Mighty Rabbit for supplying the Tape.
Thanks to deepinside for part of the tracklisting

DJextreme – 1993 Hardcore Vol.12


01 W.Wilson – The Juice – Future Recordings
02 Nut E1 – Underwater Fireworks – Bear Necessities
03 Origination – Out Of This World – RudeBoy
04 Higher Octave – Sound Check – Pro One
05 Chalke – The Future (Now Mix) – Force of Nature
06 Bay B Kane – Once More – Kikman
07 Jim Polo – Voyager – Dark Horse
08 Simon ‘Bassline’ Smith – Distinction – Legend
09 Utomica – Rok A Bye (Remix) – Pro One
10 Peshay – Gangster – Reinforced
11 Bay B Kane – Because Of U – Kikman
12 Spirits From An Urban Jungle – White Lightning – Whitehouse
13 Original DJ Vibes – Sensi (Herb Mix) – Sensi
14 Vice Squad – On The Edge – Pimp Plastic
15 W.Wilson – Tribal Blast – Future Recordings
16 DJ Trace – Never Felt This Way (One Step Ahead) – Dee Jay
17 Bay B Kane & Peshay – Quarter To Doom (’93 Bay B Kane Remix) – Whitehouse

Mix from a Jungletrain show back in 2008.

Selectabwoy – Give Me A Break!

Selectabwoy :- Yes. This one’s all about the breaks.

We’re going back, way back to the foundation, with a selection of original soul and funk classics. Time for me to pay homage to some of the original artists, notably the drummers, that gave us the backbone of hardcore, jungle & DnB.

Put this one together fairly quickly, choppy mixing, no messing about, just wanted to let the tracks speak for themselves. They’re all listed below and I’ll probably throw in a few examples of break usage for anyone who’s fussed. Most of these are pretty well-known but I’ve thrown in a few lesser-sampled ones. This is a mix I’ve wanted to do for ages; I’m only scratching the surface, could have kept hunting these tracks down forever, but you gotta draw the line somewhere! Less than a day after finishing the mix I discover Lucille Brown & Billy Clark’s ‘Both Eyes Open’… a personal favourite. Fuck it, it’s going on the next mix.

Massive shout to the guys at Rolldabeats forum (especially Beat-Findation who tracked down ‘Non-stop Home’ for me, props) – many of these sources I wouldn’t have discovered without your efforts. Big up. And an honourable mention for WhoSampled.

The Winstons – Amen, Brother
Isaac Hayes – Breakthrough
The Chosen Few – Funky Buttercup
The Commodores – Assembly Line
The Isley Brothers – Get Into Something
Rotary Connection – Life Could
The Head Hunters – God Made Me Funky
Kool & The Gang – N.T.
Kool & The Gang – Give It Up
James Brown – Funky Drummer
Funk Inc. – Kool Is Back
Vibrettes – Humpty Dump
James Brown – Cold Sweat
Kool & The Gang – Chocolate Buttermilk
Bobby Byrd – Hot Pants (I’m Comin’)
Lyn Collins – Think
Kurtis Blow – Do The Do
Ten City – Devotion (Voice of Paradise mix)
Lightnin’ Rod – Sport
Blowfly – Sesame Street
Tommy Roe – Sweet Pea
Michael Viner’s Incredible Bongo Band – Apache
Dennis Coffey – Scorpio
Weather Report – Non-Stop Home
Jimmy McGriff – The Worm
Bernard Purdie – Soul Drums
Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm – Funky Mule
James Brown – Soul Pride
James Brown – Tighten Up
Black Heat – Love The Life You Live

Grooverider – Kiss 100 FM [26th January 1996]


Ed Rush – Trace – Nico – Mad Different Methods [Nu Black]
Capone – Mysteries Of The Deep [Hardleaders]
DJ Pulse – Let You In (Wax Doctor Remix) [Moving Shadow]
Mastermind – Blacknotes [Renegade]
KMC – Drifting [Timeless]
Omni Trio – Astral Phase [Moving Shadow]
Mouly & Lucida – Inertia [Timeless]
Innervisions – In The Shadow [Reinforced]
M.I.D. – Dreams (Revisited) [Offset]
DJ Trace – Monkeys [Unreleased]
Lemon D – Subphonic [Prototype]
Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs (Remix) [Razors Edge]
Matrix – Slow Drift [New Identity – DJ SS Presents Jazz & Bass Vol 1 LP]
Mystic Moods – Horn Fusion [Concept 1] [Mystic Moods]
Dom & Roland – Dynamics [Moving Shadow]
Adam F – F Jam (Original Mix) – [F-Jams]
SDR & Subsonic – The Instrumental (Part 2) [Shoebox]
DJ Die & DJ Suv – Out Of Sight – [V Recordings]
Lemon D – Going Gets Tough – [Prototype]
The Chameleon – Just Close Your Eyes & Listen – [Good Looking]

Big thanks to The Mighty Rabbit for supplying the Tape.

LTJ Bukem – Kiss 100 FM [28th February 1996]


01 Q Project – the Instrumental – Looking Good
02 Seba & Lotek – Sonic Winds – Looking Good
03 Skin Divers – Size 12 – All Good Vinyl
04 Universal – Live Session – Looking Good
05 DJ Crystl – Mind Games – Earth  Volume Two LP
06 Fellowship – Celebrate Life – Xpressive
07 Subject 13 – Faith – Earth – Earth Volume One LP
08 Intense – The Genesis Project (Earl Grey Remix) – Rugged Vinyl
09 Axis – One In Ten – Good Looking
10 Ken Ishii – Stretch (Shogun Remix) – R&S
11 The Sentinel – Toulepeu – Basement
12 PHD & The Funky Technician – Above & Beyond – Earth  Volume One LP
13 Mystic Moods – A Jazzier Groove (Skeleton Mix) – Basement
14 E-Z Rollers – The Morning After – Moving Shadow (E-Z Rollers – Dimensions Of Sound LP)
15 Shogun – Nautilus – Renegade

Big thanks to The Mighty Rabbit for supplying the Tape.

Selectabwoy – Hip-Hop for the Hardcore Heads

Selectabwoy :- Yo. Here’s the next instalment in my series of sample-source mixes. This time we’re rewinding back to the late 80’s/early 90’s with a quality selection of old skool US and UK hip-hop (and a bit of hip-house thrown in). This started off as a quest to compile heavily-sampled tracks used in the early 90s rave/hardcore/jungle scenes, but then evolved a bit more into a listening experience, and I ended up throwing in a handful of lesser-sampled tracks as they had the right kind of vibe.

I’ll leave most of the sample-spotting to you. But this time around, besides the vocals and direct samples, there’s also a few original and second generation drum breaks up in the mix. Check Paris’ ‘Make Way For A Panther’ for the original ‘Angel’ break, Run DMC for the ‘Sound In Motion’ and ‘Some Justice’ drum loops… and Tuff Crew for ‘Hurt U So’ 🙂

Really enjoyed putting this one together, so I hope you enjoy listening. I had genuinely forgotten how good these tracks are – not to mention the ones that sampled them… high time to dust off my ‘92 collection and have an old skool rinse-out 🙂

Unique 3 – The Theme
The House Crew – All We Wanna Do (Is Dance)
Jungle Brothers – I’ll House You
Intelligent Hoodlum – Arrest The President
Hijack – The Badman Is Robbin’
Big Daddy Kane – Set It Off
Run DMC – I’m Not Going Out Like That
Run DMC – Run’s House
London Posse – Money Mad
Ice-T – Colors
Public Enemy – Rebel Without A Pause
Chill Rob G – Court Is Now In Session
Public Enemy – Can’t Truss it
NWA – Straight Outta Compton
Eric B & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul
Eric B & Rakim – Lyrics Of Fury
Ultramagnetic MCs – A Chorus Line
Organised Konfusion – Fudge Pudge
Ultramagnetic MCs – Give The Drummer Some
Ultramagnetic MCs – Critical Beatdown
Ultramagnetic MCs – Poppa Large
Big Daddy Kane – Raw
Eric B & Rakim – Follow The Leader
Eric B & Rakim – Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em
>>> Public Enemy – Caught, Can We Get A Witness?
Public Enemy – Welcome To The Terrordome
Paris – Make Way For A Panther
MC Duke – I’m Riffin’
MC Duke/MC Merlin/Cutmaster Swift – Freestyle Part 1
>>> Public Enemy – Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos
Gunshot – Battle Creek Brawl
Hardnoise – Untitled
Tuff Crew – Hittin’ Hard Balls
SUAD – Rest In Peace (Rap Will Never)
Paris – The Devil Made Me Do It
Public Enemy – Night of The Living Baseheads

Dangerous G & The General – Format FM 93.2 [1993]


Dangerous G

01 Stuck To Your Lips – Mecca Don (Have No Fear) – Stuck To Your Lips
02 FBD Project – The Core – Bangin Tunes
03 Stuck To Your Lips – Gold Teet (Bad Boy) – Stuck To Your Lips
04 FBD Project – Breakin Up – Bangin Tunes

The General

05 A Bedroom In Hackney – Boyz
06 NF – Feel The Magic
07 Pascal & Sponge – Raw Basics – Face
08 Lemon D – Parazone – Planet Earth
09 Omni Trio – Feel Better (Foul Play Remix) – Moving Shadow
10 DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – In Effect – Slammin’ Vinyl
11 Bizzy B – The Twisted Mentasm – Brain
12 Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows – Ram
13 Bizzy B & Technochild – Obsessions – Brain
14 C.Biz – Crowd Says Rewind (Scum & Bass Mix) – Big City
15 D.O.P.E. – When I Was Young (DJ Easy B & T-Bags Revisited Mix) – Rugged Vinyl
16 Wots My Code – Dublate – XLR8
17 Chaos & Julia Set – Atmosphere (Sub-Base Field Mix) – Recoil

Thanks to the original uploader.