Selectabwoy – Mid-90s Hip-Hop/R&B Mix (For The Junglist Sample Spotters)

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Selectabwoy :- “I’ve had this mix in mind since hearing the Sing Time sample in Mary J’s ‘Be Happy’ leap out at me while shopping for paint in Wilko several years ago. A selection of golden era hip-hop and R&B gems, all of them (with one exception*) sampled on various jungle/DnB tracks in the mid-90s. Some are subtle, others, notably ‘How High’, were sampled to death. I’ll add that although most of these tracks I’ve known and loved for years, a few were new to me, hunted down for this purpose. Hope you enjoy, please leave me a comment if you’re feeling it… I could do with some motivation to work on similar mixes for hardcore/rave and breakbeat samples that I have vaguely sketched out :-)”


Alkaholiks – The Next Level
Aldo Vanucci – When I See You Smile
(*Note that this is a cover, it was Singing Sweet’s original version that was sampled by Rude Bwoy Monty)
Erick Sermon – Bomdigi
Redman – Journey Throo The Darkness
Redman & Method Man – How High (Remix)
Mary J Blige – Be Happy
Super Cat feat. Method Man – Scalp Dem (Wu-Tang Remix)
Method Man – Release Yo’ Delf
Buckshot – Who Got Da Props?
Tim Dog feat. KRS-One – I Get Wrecked
KRS One – Hip-Hop vs. Rap
>>> Soul II Soul – Back To Life (acapella)
Notorious B.I.G. – Gimme The Loot
Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Pt.II
>>> Mobb Deep – Trife Life
Mobb Deep – Survivial Of The Fittest
Mad Skillz – The Nod Factor
Big L – Put It On
Smif n’ Wessun – Bucktown
Mary J Blige – My Love
Queen Latifah – Princess Of The Posse
Sweet Sable – Old Time’s Sake…

Randall – De Underground Mix [Mid 1993]


A1) 4 Wise Men featuring F.A.T.S. – Twised [Oddball]
A2) Unknown Artist – Light Of The Underground EP (A) [Oddball]
A3) Coolhand Flex – Wip Lash [De Underground]
A4) Flex “N” Hype – Pump The Bass [De Underground]
A5) Cool Hand Flex – On The Strength [In Touch]
A6) Flex – Hold Back [In Touch]
A7) Krazy Kid & Uncle – Dick Turpin (Rmx) [L.P.F.]
A8) Coolhand Flex – Mars [In Touch]
A9) Uncle 22 – Calling All Cars [U No Dat]
A10) Coolhand Flex – Out Of Control [De Underground]
A11) ??
A12) Unknown Artist – Untitled (AA2) [Pure Energy – PE 001]
A13) Cool Hand Flex – All I Need [Unreleased]

B1) Cool Hand Flex – Go Insane [In Touch]
B2) Flex – R.A.W. [U No Dat]
B3) Coolhand Flex – Complete Control [In Touch]
B4) Uncle 22 – Love Me Once [U No Dat]
B5) Cool Hand Flex – ZX2 EP (A) [De Underground]
B6) Mike De Underground – Blind Date E.P. (B1) [De Underground]
B7) Cool Hand Flex – Your Risk Remix [In Touch]
B8) Cool Hand Flex – Who’s That [De Underground]
B9) Uncle 22 – Take You High [Pure Energy]
B10) 4 Wise Men featuring F.A.T.S. – Mind To Mind [Oddball]
B11) Flex & Uncle – On Top Of The World [Pure Energy]
B12) 4 Wise Men featuring F.A.T.S. – Twised [Oddball]
B13) Impact Crew – Feels Good [U No Dat]

Thanks to the original uploader, Thanks to JJ for the tracklisting.

DJextreme – Jungletrain Mix EXT046 [18.02.2007 – MS 95/96]


01 Cloud Nine – Teach Me To Fly
02 Omni Trio – Torn
03 Flytronix – Shine A Rewind (DJ Harmony Remix)
04 Higher Sense – Lock Up (Higher Sense Remix)
05 Essense Of Aura – So This Is Love
06 DJ Harmony – Let Me In (Harmony Remix)
07 DJ Pulse – Let You In
08 Aquasky – Dezires (DJ Krust Remix)
09 Dave Wallace – Expressions Pt. 2
10 Higher Sense – Full Charge
11 Ez Rollers – Bad Up
12 PFM – Language Of Love
13 Dave Wallace – State Of Mind
14 Omni Trio – Together (VIP Mix)…

DJextreme – Jungletrain Mix EXT045 [11.02.2007 – 1994]


01 Harmony & Xtreme – Temple Of Doom – Section 5
02 Nut E1 & A Sides – Tonight – Bear Necessities
03 Skanna – All You Wanted – Skanna
04 Atlas – Drifting Thru The Galaxy – Dee Jay
05 Unknown Artist – Untitled (Side AA) – Street Beats VDL5
06 Dillinja & Mr.E – Catch The Vibe – IQ
07 J.L.M. Productions – Words Between Us – Reinforced
08 Adam F – Sea Of Destiny (Slipmaster J Remix) – Lucky Spin
09 Invisible Man – Skyliner (Remix) – Timeless
10 Koda – Spacetek – Dee Jay
11 Neil Trix – Gesture Without Motion – Reinforced
12 Mr E, Dillinja & Clarky – Steelers Anthem – IQ
13 T.Power – Lipsing Jam Ring – Sour…